Sunday, December 13, 2009

Extended Interview with Thomas Ligon About The Polywell


Back in January of 2009, a friend and I travelled down to Virginia to meet with Thomas Ligon. Mr. Ligon worked under Dr. Robert Bussard on the polywell device. We covered many topics for this interview and shot about five hours worth of footage. During the ensuing months, the footage was edited and when combined with text, videos and images, a film was created. The music on this film is terrible. I apologize up front for that.

The film has been compressed, edited and, spliced to fit on a YouTube format. It covers the following topics:

1. The Intro to Bussards talk
2. An overview of Fusion
3. A clip from David Letterman framing the Energy problem
4. An introduction of Thomas Ligon.
5. A History of Bussards research:
6. Three Important Fusion Reactions.
* Fusion is a function of VELOCITY, not Temperature*
7. The Fusor
* Ions accelerate, Slam into one another, and fuse*
8. How the Fusor was modified.
9. The Magnetic Grid.
10. The Diamagnetic Whiffle Ball (containing electrons)
12. Electron Behavior inside the machine.
13. Electrons creating a potential well for ions.
14. Fusion of Ions.
15. Electron & Ion Recombination?
16. Ion & Ion Interactions & Annealing
17. How do we get the Energy out?
18. Criticism: X-Ray Losses
19. Can we beat X-Ray Losses?
20. Power output increases as the 7th power of the radius.
21. Criticism: Thermalization.
22. Advantages of the polywell.
23. Biggest Technical Issues to be solved.
24. Discussing Polywell Results
25. Where does this research go from here?
26. Final Thoughts
27. Citations & Links to more information

You can find the video on YouTube here:


  1. Youtube says: video is not available.

    1. Yes. This video got pulled about 8 months ago. I have been working on getting it back up. This was early on - so the quality is definitely poor. It was pretty badly edited and was poorly organized.

  2. Will this video ever be made available again?

    1. Sorry, the video was not very good. I actually do not want to get bad/poor information out there. At the time I was making it, I was at the early stages of understanding this device.

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